Oct 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was extra special because there is an extra day in it!!  I don't have school today due to an in-service day, because I'm a sub I don't have to attend.  No complaints here, I'll gladly take an extra day, thank you!  

Friday night after school I decided to have a mommy daughter date night.  Harper and I were the only two around the house so we decided to eat a quick dinner and head out to a pumpkin patch!  There were a bunch of different bounce houses, a corn maze, and lots of goats.  Harper wanted nothing to do with the bounce houses, didn't really enjoy the maze, but she loved the goats!  We spent the majority of the time petting and feeding them.  Then, we got a really cute mini pumpkin for 50 cents.  She picked it out and loves it, every time she sees a pumpkin she screams with delight!  It is so fun!

Saturday was pretty chill, just what I enjoy!  We hung out around the house all morning, went to swim lessons (which she enjoyed) and then hung out all night.  She had fun sweeping the driveway and insisted that "mama" help her too!  This child loves to clean, I hope that stays with her!!

Yesterday we went to a birthday party.  Our friends from NC had a daughter a year ago, we have never had the chance to meet her until yesterday.  All their family lives in Ohio, so they had her first birthday party in Ohio yesterday and we were lucky enough to go!  We got to meet Ms. Rylynn for the first time, what a cutie!  Then, we took the kiddos to a really fun playground!  

It was a fun weekend with lots of relaxing, lots of playing, and lots of hugs from my little girl!  What more could I ask for?!  

Oh and Harper doesn't say too much, but this past week she has started to say, "Abby".  Abby is our good friends for NC (who moved back to PA) their daughter.  We went to the pumpkin place last weekend with them and they were at the birthday party yesterday.  Harper really loves Abby!  Now, whenever we ask her who her friend is, she proudly says, "Abby"!  It is so funny and really sweet!   

Abby and Harper!

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