Nov 6, 2013

Fun Finds

I'm so happy to have a little bit of my life back today!  I just spent the last two days doing parent-teacher conferences and report cards.  I am lucky enough to have a sub job that has lasted quite awhile, with that job does come a lot of responsibilities.  I always have enjoyed teaching, but report cards and conferences turn me into a crazy person!  I literally worry for weeks before doing them, you would think after 4 years they would be easier....not for me!  Anyways, I knew when I found out I would be doing report cards and conferences I had to take a break from blogging to start preparing.  They luckily went really well and I have a lot of really supportive and caring parents!  I don't know how long I will be subbing there, but it sure is nice to have the support!  

Anyways, I'm back and I want to share a few fun finds I have come across lately.  First off, Harper is an outdoorsy girl, she loves being outside.  I know she will love the snow this winter too.  I was on the hunt for snow pants and boots for her.  I really don't know the average price for these things, but I stopped at the BonTon and found some deals (at least they seemed like deals)!  I wanted to share because they are still going on, check out the links!

The snow pants were originally $34.00 but are now $20.40, they are London Fog brand and seem like they will be really durable!  They have sizes: 12, 18, and 24 months for girls.  Colors: Pink, Purple, and Turquoise.

I checked it out for boys too... They have sizes 12, 18, and 24 months (all $20.40).  They also have 2T, 3T, 4, 4T, 5/6, and 7 (all for $22.80).  Boys colors come in black and navy.

I also got her a nice pair of boots for the winter.  I got her Sporto Black Boots.  They were originally $55.00 and on sale for $32.99.  Now, I figured that might be a little pricey for boots (but I'm not totally sure).  My mom did tell me that it was a good brand and they seem really durable. I got black because I figured I would save them for future little ones, I knew if I kept it neutral boys or girls could wear them!  She has a pink coat and pink snow pants (which looking back on it I almost wish I bought black in that too) so I don't think it will kill her not having pink boots! :)  They come in black, blue, grey, pink, purple, and turquoise.  

I also want to share that I recently went to Michaels and they had tons of little things that would be great for stocking stuffers.  I got really nice coloring books for $1.00 each!!  They were fairly thick and we got Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse, and Hello Kitty.  I couldn't believe they were only $1.00!!  

I got nice sized bouncy balls and I think they were $1.00 or $1.50.  Toy dinosaurs (not wimpy little ones, solid large ones) for $1.00 each.  They also had some Halloween treat bag items on sale each for $1.00-$1.50.  

I would really recommend heading to Michaels one day and just looking around.  As I went around the store I kept finding more and more!  Plus, they always have coupons available!  Download the app for the most convenient ones!   

Well, I will be back soon with something fun, thanks for stopping by!  It's good to be back! :)

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