Nov 2, 2013

Halloween Fun

Sorry for the long break.  I really miss blogging but life has just gotten really chaotic the past week or so and I just have had to cut back on a few things, sadly blogging is one.  I hope to be back Wednesday!

Here is what Harper woke up to on Halloween morning...

Halloween is my favorite Holiday, I like to make it special all day long!!  Harper enjoyed her breakfast!

On Wednesday I took a break and spent some time outside with Harper.  The weather was great so I decided to get some pictures in while it was so nice!  Here is my little pumpkin posing and getting slightly annoyed that Mommy has to take so many darn pictures!

Harper with her pumpkin, "Abby".  She named her pumpkin after her friend, it was so funny!

My favorite picture!

Anyways, Halloween was rainy and gloomy, but it didn't rain on Harper's parade!  She enjoyed getting dressed up and passing out candy!  Bless her little heart she didn't get one piece!  Matt and I didn't really want to take her trick or treating (we knew we weren't going to let her eat the candy and it was rainy...don't judge, haha there won't be many more years we can get away with it).  She honestly loved hanging out on the front porch and giving candy to everyone that stopped by!  Here are a few pictures of her dressed up...

The Queen of Hearts

By the way, in case you didn't know I'm kind of strict on what I let her have.  I try to only give her natural and organic foods.  *I do give her a cheat here and there, but not too often and never anything that is dyed or fried.  I figure I might as well be strict while I can, once she gets older I won't be able to be as tough.  At least now when she is younger I don't have to worry about what is going in her body!  I heard a review about this candy called Unreal and I knew I had to get some for Harper.  It doesn't have artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMOs, or corn syrup, and it is gluten free.  The reason we go natural and organic for Harper is because of all the scary things that are put in foods these days.  If you are looking for more information I would recommend checking out this blog: She has a wealth of knowledge on natural living!  Anyways, we got some Unreal candy earlier in the month for her to try out and she loved it (we got it at Target).  It was all gone and I didn't get a chance to head up to Target to get more.  She survived and I really don't think she missed a thing, she was quite happy being a little helper!  Plus, I gave her a little cheat and threw a few chocolate chips on her pancake for breakfast!  Happy belated Halloween!  I hope you all enjoyed your day!!  Hope to see you on Wednesday, thanks for stopping by!

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