Nov 6, 2013

Nursery Rhyme Time

Do you remember hearing nursery rhymes when you were growing up?  I remember listening to them and trying to recite them.  I also remember my mom made my sister and I a recorded tape that had stories and nursery rhymes on it to listen to as we went to bed.  I remember babysitting for a family that did the same.  I think that is such a fun idea and maybe one of these days I will learn how to do something like that for Harper!  I know every time she is upset and I ask her if she would like me to tell her a story she always calms down!  

Anyways, I realized I don't really remember many nursery rhymes so I was looking them up the other day.  I came across a really great you tube channel,  There a bunch of different nursery rhymes all animated with bright colors, fun pictures, and good music!  Harper doesn't sit long for anything, but she really enjoys these short clips.  They hold her attention and now she will learn all the classics like I once did!  

After a little bit more exploring with nursery rhymes I discovered that the Mother Goose Club has a website too!!  It is an amazing site with so much to do!  If you scroll down on the home page they have a list of all the nursery rhymes.  Each has a link for a kids page, (where they can hear the song, or listen to it, or print it out) a parents page, (with a little historical background on the rhymes) and sheet music for each!  There are also links to videos, coloring sheets, and a store!  It is definitely worth checking out, I wish I knew about this site when I was teaching first grade!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and thanks for stopping by!  

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