Nov 14, 2013

Water fun

Harper loves playing in water, she enjoys baths and really liked swim lessons.  I have been looking for fun ways to keep her little self busy throughout the day.  We went shopping last week and I picked up a dish tub (I don't know if that is the official name, but one of those tubs you can use if you hand wash the dishes).  Anyways, I got it for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, I also got her some kid-friendly soap, and we went to town!  

I laid a blanket down on the kitchen floor, filled up the tub with soapy water and we dumped some of her dishes into the tub.  She got out a kitchen rag and began to wash her dishes!  I can't tell you how much she enjoyed this simple little activity.  It kept her busy and happy, plus she is learning how to help around the house (maybe I will have her doing her own laundry by 2 1/2  She really enjoys real-life experiences, she loves to help me with the baking, cleaning, or any other house hold chore.  We have caught her trying to peel her fake carrots over the garbage like I do and she has a real fascination for Nana's sewing machine, who knows?!  

Here are some pics from our fun afternoon:  

By the way, her clothes were soaked by the end of this (so was the blanket)!  We just threw everything in the laundry, easy enough!  Happy Friday everyone!!!

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