Nov 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

How was everyone's weekend??  I have to be honest, my weekend was really boring, although I'm not complaining!  I have a big project due on Friday and I spent the weekend trying to work on it.  

My poor daughter hasn't gotten much Mommy time this past week.  I have felt like the worst Mom ever, thankfully she has a great Dad who always picks up my slack!  How does everyone balance everything in their lives?!?  I try my best not to let the craziness in my life get in the way of being a mom, but from time to time it does happen.  :(  

I did manage to sneak a little mommy daughter date in this weekend, it was awesome!  Harper and I have gone to the mall the past few Saturday mornings for a few hours.  We walk around and see the puppies, play in the kid's area, and eat some lunch.  It is one of my favorite times of week!  

Other than that, she played, watched some TV and hung out with Gaga all weekend!

Don't mind the messy laundry room!  Harper loves hanging out in here!

Sorry it wasn't the most exciting post, but hey life could be worst!  I'm thankful for a healthy and happy little girl!  Enjoy your Tuesday!

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