Dec 10, 2013

Crafting Weekend

This weekend was jammed pack with crafting!  It started out on Friday night as a cram session to finish my bows and burlees.  Of course I didn't get all my crafts done ahead of time like I had planned to months ago when I signed up for the craft show.  Just call me Last Minute Leslie!  Anyways, I was hot gluing, cutting, and painting late into the night on Friday, hoping for some interest in my stuff come Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday wasn't terrible.  First thing I sold one of my burlees and the lady who bought it was so excited, it made me feel pretty good (someone liked my stuff)!  That was the last and only burlee sold, bummer!  Now I have 11 sitting around at my house....if you are a family member reading this blog, you may acquire one of these lovely decorations as a gift at some point! :)  

My hairbows and flower clips were really what saved me.  They sparked a lot of interest in many young girls and parents of babies!  Although a number of people said that the bows/flowers were too big for their babies head!  I guess they didn't see my daughter as an infant....
The flower is definitely taking over her little head, who couldn't love it?!?  Haha, I guess some people are more conservative and that is okay!  I lived in North Carolina for four years, the southerners love their big hair pieces, I happened to pick up on that trend! :)  Overall, Saturday wasn't the best profits (just selling bows and flowers) but it was fun!

Well Sunday rolled around and I was ready to sell my burlees!  Who couldn't use a little extra Christmas cash right?!  I made sure they were out and displayed well for all to see.  I even marked them down $5.00 from the day before!  Only two people even took notice of them, it was a major bummer!  Especially because now I have a bunch with no idea what to do with them!  I think they are really cute and the two ladies just loved them, but I guess they weren't in a buying mood.  Oh well!  The crowd on Sunday was more of a lazy Sunday drive group of people.  They were out to drive by but not really stop and look, which is fine.  It just made for a more boring day on Sunday.

Overall, the craft show wasn't very profitable (I have decided not to start a crafting business on the side), but my mom and I didn't have anything priced over $15.00, we weren't looking to get rich. We just wanted to put our stuff out there and see if anyone showed interest.  There was a lot of really nice feedback, not really any negative (thankfully) or they didn't mention it if there was.  We met some wonderful people who made it a really pleasant experience!  I don't think I would do it again just because I'm Last Minute Leslie.  Seriously people, it is not fun...I cram last minute for everything I do.  But, it was definitely a great experience and a fun time spent with my mom!  We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun!  

Here is part of our craft table...pretty crowded but bright and cheerful!  My mom had a lot of interest in her sweet items, especially her fun monsters and owl taggies!  She had a lot of fun and unique gifts that people really seemed to enjoy, something different is always a good thing!   

By the way, I happened to win an awesome print done by a wonderful local artist.  Everyone had to contribute one item to a Chinese auction held at the craft fair.  I bought 5 tickets for $1.00 and put them all in this framed print (I knew it would be cute in Harp's room).  I ended up winning which was awesome!  Here is her blog:  The print I won is bright, cheerful, and perfect for Harper's room!  

I'm thankful for a fun weekend with my mom, and also a much more relaxing remaining December!  I'm taking the rest of the month off from crafting (at least heavy duty crafting) to spend some quality time with my fussy little princess!  By the way, wow...terrible twos are in full swing at my home!  I don't know what kind of alien invaded her little body, but we are sure thankful for each and every happy moment these days!!!  :)  Gotta love her!

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!  I will be back this week (maybe tomorrow) with a tasty (and easy) dinner idea!

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