Jan 21, 2014

A Valentine's Day Garland

I love holidays, especially decorating for them!  I'm not lacking Halloween or Christmas decorations, but I definitely don't have many St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day decorations.  I've been trying to find ways to decorate that are easy and affordable.  Who doesn't love easy and cheap?!  

I made a really cute gingerbread garland to put above Harper's crib for Christmas.  She decorated the gingerbread's with glitter glue, and I punched holes and in the heads and threaded yarn through each one.   

Then, I went to Michaels and found a pack of foam hearts.  They were only a few dollars!  We got busy again with the glitter glue.  She loves using it and I bought a pack from the Dollar Tree so it was really affordable!  Here is the end result:

Pay no attention to the dust on her crib, haha!

There you go...simple, cute, and she LOVES pointing to it when she gets in and out of her crib!  I'm hoping she will love decorating just as much as me!  Thanks for stopping by!

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