Jan 19, 2014

An update on life...

As usual life is moving at a fast pace and won't slow down!  We have been busy but enjoying almost every minute of this crazy life!  Here is a random picture update...

One Wednesday while at home with Harper I walked into the living room to this.  She was playing so happily with her Duplos and stuffed animals.  It was so sweet and I love watching her play!  She has such a fun imagination!

The same day I had an eye appointment and when we got home someone wanted to play with my glasses!  What a little ham!

She has also really gotten into dress up clothes.  She loves to walk around in her plastic heels!

Notice the Elmo socks she is sporting with these cute heels?!  

My dad, "Papa" and I took her to her first movie on Friday night.  We saw Frozen! 

Well we saw the first 40 minutes, and then she was ready to go!  This child won't sit still for long at all.  She went from my lap, to Papa's lap, to squeezing her whole body to get in between the seats in front of us.  Then, the LOUD crying started and it was time to head out.  I was really bummed out because what I saw was really cute, I guess I will have to wait for DVD!  

Yesterday we spent the day at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum with our friends!  It was such a fun and relaxing day!  

Sitting inside a gigantic tire with her Gaga!

Really Mom?  You can't possibly want me to sit still here for a picture....come on!  

She loved a car they had.  It was one of her favorite things!

The water floor was her absolute favorite thing!  It is my favorite part of the museum, water is everywhere!  We took her flip flops and a change of clothes.  She loved playing in the water and didn't seem to mind her wet jeans (the thought of wet jeans makes me cringe)!  

As long as she is keeping busy, she is happy!  

It has been such a great few weeks!  Of course there has been plenty of fussy moments, lots of head shaking, and no ways.  The good moments definitely outweigh the bad moments and I'm so thankful for my funny, sweet, sassy little girl!  

Come on back tomorrow for a cute and easy Valentine's Day decoration!  Hope to see you then and thanks for stopping by!

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