Jan 9, 2014

Hair Bow Holder Part 2

Yes I am still alive, I have just been really bad about keeping my blog updated the last few months.  I'm sorry!  I would say I will get better but I don't want to make a promise I'm not sure I can keep.  I will do my best!  I have spent the first week of the New Year really relaxing, enjoying my family, and doing the usual housework.  

I have made it my goal in this New Year to really become more organized.  I'm not going to say it will keep up all year, but I sure hope it does!!  I started my goal off on the right foot by buying myself a new planner.  I got it on sale at Barnes and Nobel for $5.00!  It is just like my planner from last year (which I loved) so that was pretty sweet!  Plus, I must say there is something about a new planner that just screams ORGANIZATION makes me HAPPY!  I have always been such the last minute type, seriously last minute. This year things are going to change!  I have spent this first week really keeping up with my daily clutter, and getting a handle on my organization.  It feels good and like I said, I sure hope I can keep up with it!  I don't want to be Last Minute Leslie forever!  

Anyways, boy has it been COLD here!  I'm talking they actually cancel school cold.  You have to understand something about Erie schools.  They NEVER and I mean NEVER cancel school.  When I was growing up I'm pretty sure I could count on one hand the number of snow days we had.  It is craziness!  Well, when talks of this storm and mainly how cold it would be started I thought there might just be a snow day.  Everyone doubted it but I thought how can kids walk to school in negative temperatures?!  Sure enough, we get an announcement in the middle of the day on Monday (while I was subbing) that there would be no school on Tuesday.  We actually had a snow day!!  I was so thankful because I wouldn't want anyone to have been out (especially little ones) in that cold.  

I spent my day off Tuesday crafting.  Harper has a few bow holders but she has so many bows I needed to make her just one more.  It was such an easy holder to make and I'm absolutely LOVING the way it turned out!  I bought a large letter H from Hobby Lobby and painted it pale pink (I have already decided when we move to our new house her room will be white, light pink, and gray so everything I make from now on is in that color scheme).  

Hard to tell that it is pale pink from the pic.

Then, I hot glued some white ribbon on the back top so we could hang it.  Next, I glued two strips of white ribbon coming down from each side of the bottom.  Finally, I wanted to add a little something special to it.  I made these fabric rosettes to decorate the H with.  I absolutely love how this turned out and it will be so pretty in her future bedroom (and doesn't look to shabby in her current one either).  

Before we decorated it with bows.

The final product!  Love it! 

Up close on the H

Well, it sure does feel good to be back and actually sharing something I have been productive with!  Maybe this organized Leslie will be here to stay!  :) We can keep our fingers crossed!  

Today I'm thankful for my wonderful new planner and a snow day which allowed me to be productive!  

I had to include these pics from about a month ago.  There was so much snow Harper could have got lost in it!  I thought these would be appropriate considering the weather lately!  Happy Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by! 

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