Feb 6, 2014

2 Years Old!

Well, my baby is growing up.  She turned two yesterday, I can't believe it!  It honestly feels like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital!  What a crazy, fun, exciting, exhausting, frustrating, and blessed two years these have been!  I can't wait for many more together!

We started the day off with a cinnamon bun, a birthday book, and a balloon!

Birthday balloons are a tradition in my family.  Every year for many years we got a special birthday balloon.  I always looked forward to this tradition and it is one I'm passing along to Harper!  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did!  

Then, we posed by our cupcake countdown because the birthday was finally here!!  She really liked the countdown by the way!!  

We were going to go to the mall and play in the play place there.  They have a small kid's area and Harper loves to play in it.  She also loves to stop by the pet shop and see the puppies.  That was on our agenda but the weather had other plans!  It was so incredibly snowy here yesterday that I just didn't feel comfortable taking her out.  Instead we played games, read books, and just hung out all day.  It wasn't anything big or crazy but it was the perfect kind of day to truly enjoy my little one and her second birthday!  We also had a fun photo shoot!  


She also had her first official piece of restaurant pizza (although she only had one bite...she was more interested in eating the bread sticks).  Papa brought it home for dinner and then I made a cookie cake and we had ice cream!  She only wanted the ice cream!  Bread sticks and ice cream, what a birthday dinner! :) 

By the way, she has become obsessed with hockey lately.  I'm not sure where it has come from but she must say, "hockey" 100 times a day.  She LOVES it.  She has mini sticks, a mini net, and all she wanted for her birthday was, "hockey".  She doesn't say, "hockey sticks", or "hockey pucks"...everything is just plain old "hockey".  Her Grandma got her a hockey jersey and she wouldn't take it off for 2 days straight (except to wash it...and she wasn't happy about that).  Then, I found some hockey cake toppers for her cake.  I'm pretty sure they were one of her favorite things of the day!  Here is her cake with her "hockey".  

This is her in her new FAVORITE outfit...a hockey jersey! 

We finished the day with something so fun!  My cousin sent Harper some glow sticks and told me she throws a few in the tub with her son.  I thought that sounded so fun, and I knew it would be a great way to end her birthday!  She had a ball, it was the longest bath she ever took!  

The flash was too bright in the dark so I didn't get any with her eyes open!  

"Hockey" had to come to the bath with us too! 

I'm feeling pretty blessed and thankful today!  Looking forward to another great year!

Thanks for stopping by today!  

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