Feb 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Randomness

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you all get to spend some time today with your loved ones!

Matt and I both had the day off of school (in-service for the school district I sub in and a planned day off for Matt's school).  We decided to have a fun breakfast for Harper this morning:

I tried to make heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes, sure not perfect but Harper enjoyed them!!

What holiday is complete without a sweet themed book??  That is the teacher in me coming out.  Anyways, Love Monster by: Rachel Bright is a really sweet little book!  We read it twice already!  And yes...she is wearing her FAVORITE pumpkin bib on Valentine's Day! :)  

Then, Matt is going to be a great daddy and play with her all day while I do some major school work!  I have only a few more weeks of the class I'm in and a huge project coming up!  I've got to make some progress on it!  I seem to do things last minute ALL.THE.TIME!  Aahh! :)

I also wanted to share two really fun things!  When our friends came in last weekend they brought Harper a birthday present.  They got her this really awesome recordable artwork canvas art kit.  The kit came from Hallmark in case you are interested!  It came with a plastic frame, a canvas board, and paint.  You paint a cool picture and when you are done painting you can record a message on the frame.  Every time you push the button you can hear the message.  It is so fun and Harper had a great time doing it!

My mom suggested putting masking tape over the canvas (I did it in the shape of an "h") and then we let Harper paint all around the masking tape.  Once it was dry we pulled it off the canvas and had a really sweet picture.  Then, I recorded Harper telling me what letter was on the canvas!  It was really easy and fun, I would definitely recommend it!

Finally, have you all ever seen the Crayola bath crayons?  Our friends got some for Harper and they are awesome!  She has had fun coloring all over our bath tub.  Then, we just use a wash cloth to rinse it all off.  If the tips go dull, you can push them up the crayon.  So much fun!!

Well, I hope you have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day!  Thanks for stopping by!

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