Mar 25, 2014

Cornbread Muffins with Blueberries

Good morning!  Today we have snow in our is supposed to hit us around 6:00 tonight.  As much as I have accepted the fact that I live in a very snowy place, I'm ready for it to GO!  Everything is screaming spring is coming around me....everything except for the weather.  I have seen Easter decorations out, spring flowers being put out in stores, and of course spring clothing!  I'm so ready for spring I can't stand it....but since the weather has decided not to cooperate I suppose I have no choice, I'm stuck with the cold a bit longer.  I'm going to share a new muffin that I have made that goes great with a warm bowl of soup.  If you are living somewhere warm, (lucky you!) store this one away for the's a good one!

Cornbread Muffins with Blueberries:

1 box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix and the ingredients it requires to make the muffins *I'm sure you could use any mix you would like though!
1 small tub of blueberries

Mix up the corn bread exactly as the directions show on the package.
When done, throw in a small tub of blueberries
Cook the muffins for the normal time.  

I was never a fan of cornbread muffins growing up.  My husband picked up a box of Jiffy mix recently and said he wanted to have some muffins with his soup.  I knew there must be a way I could make them so that I would enjoy them too.  I had a tub of blueberries and just threw them in, delicious!  They couldn't be easier to make and really tasty too!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope warm weather greets you soon, wherever you may be!  We are ready for it here in Erie!  Have a great Tuesday!

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Mar 24, 2014


Well another week is here and I have to say I'm ready for it!  Last week my parents were on vacation. Because Nana wasn't here to watch Harper I stayed home with her all week (which is okay because I substitute teach).  Harper didn't like the fact that Nana and Papa were gone all week and she was SO EXTREMELY CHALLENGING last week!  I'm ready to go back to work...I have never seen her like that before. She was a total alien child.  Anyways, when my parents got back she became the sweetest, happiest little girl again.  AMEN!  I guess this just goes to show she loves her Nana and Papa and hates change...just like her Mama!

Another reason I'm ready for this morning is because I'm starting my day with this...
                                  Archer Farms® Blueberry Granola with Flax Cereal 15 oz

I am in love with this cereal.  Archer Farms Blueberry Granola with Flax from Target.  I was out last Sunday and I went up to get more twice this past week and they were out.  Today when I went back they had it...I almost did a happy dance in the aisle!  This makes my morning ten times better!

One more really great way to start off the week is by checking out this website:  I just recently went swimsuit shopping for the summer.  I figured if I waited (like I usually do) there wouldn't be much left when I eventually got around to getting a new suit.  First off, it was a SCARY ordeal!  I never like seeing myself in a swimsuit but this year was the worst ever.  So of course I set off to find a way to get back in shape.  I came across this website and I was instantly hooked!  What really like about this site is they have different links for each part of the body (arms, abs, legs, etc...).  You can find these links under the "fitness" heading at the top of the page.  Anyways, when you click on one of those areas, they have different exercises you can do to tone up!  An added bonus, many of the links have different videos to really help you get a better idea of how to do the exercises!  I LOVE the videos.  I LOVE the site.

My Suit  This is the suit I went with.  I really love nautical anything and the moment I saw it I knew it was for me!

That is all of my randomness for the day.  I hope you all enjoy your week and stop back tomorrow for an easy muffin to make for the cold days we still have left ....yes, snow is in our forecast in the spring!  Thanks or stopping by!

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Mar 19, 2014

It's Been A Little While...

Hello!  It has been over a month since I last posted...time flies!  I just finished up another class for my reading degree so life has calmed down (for a little while anyway).  This past month has been busy but really good!  I'm so thankful for some down time!

Here is a recap of what we have been up to lately...

Warning...there is A LOT of pictures.  If you don't want an overload skip past the blog today! :)

She has a few loves in her is her stuffed animals.  She was supposed to be sleeping but instead she was tucking in all of her favorites!  She is a good little mama!

She LOVES to feed all of her animals too!  We got her a play cake set for her birthday and she enjoys making everyone cake each day!  Today I found her animals enjoying some! 

We have also spent many a days playing with her Little People!  The animals are her favorite things!  A future vet maybe?!  This girl loves her animals!

She was keeping her dinosaurs warm!  It was their bedtime!

Bath time fun!  If she knew her hair looked like this she would have had a fit!  We put her hair up like this before and showed her in the mirror...she freaked out, badly!  I love that she has no idea!  

Celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday....this year! 

2 years ago!  We had fun squeezing into her 3 month outfit at age 2!  She was a good sport about it!  She was so excited to wear the "Cat" outfit!

Getting ready for St. Paddy's Day!  

We love the paint dots--I got them at the Dollar Tree!

An extremely sweet and kind person (that I have never met) made this beautiful quilt for Harper.  She LOVES the quilt and was thrilled to get this special gift!  Lucky girl!  

Another really sweet lady dropped off tickets to my dad for Harper to see Sesame Street Live on Saturday. Harper and I had a Mommy Daughter date night and got all dressed up!   

She was pretty thrilled to see Elmo!

We were pretty excited to be given the tickets!!  

She got up and ready for St. Paddy's Day.  I told her a leprechaun had left her a special treat in the kitchen and this is as thrilled as she got (at first).

Really?!?!  You find glitter...lots of it and no reaction?!?!  What is going on little girl??

The leprechaun left special clover cinnamon toast and raspberries.  Plus, he found a really cute book Green Shamrocks at a thrift store (it came with a cd too)...what a find!

Then she discovered glitter is fun to play with...

And...we finally cracked a smile!  Little stinker!  By the way, it made a total mess but it was really fun.  I had to hand feed her breakfast because her hands were covered in glitter and she couldn't resist continuing to play!  Good times though! 

One of her other true loves these days is playing with her "dupes".  She calls them that and she will say, "play dupes" all day long if you ask her what she wants to do!  

I have got to say this past month has been filled with lots of fun things but watching her grow and play are some of my favorites.  I will also say without a doubt in my mind that the twos are here and they have hit us like a ton of bricks!!  

My sweet little child can turn into an alien at the drop of a hat.  I can't believe how things have changed since she has turned two.  She officially uses the word "no" like it is her job.  She fusses and throws herself down at ANYTHING that she doesn't like, and she doesn't listen to half the things that come out of my mouth.  Stubborn doesn't begin to describe my little girl!  We have seen many of these moments in the past month...

Definitely a normal day at our house now....even through this little girl exhausts me every single day and she definitely makes me crazy with her new attitude, I wouldn't trade this little peanut for anything!

In the meantime, if anyone has any great advice for surviving a 2 year old I would appreciate it!!  :) 

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